The employee and the workplace of today are already optimized in many ways with regard to ergonomics and work simplifications through operating aids and IT equipment. New technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality or sensor technology, will result in new optimization potentials at almost every existing workplace within logistics in the future. Convincing technical solutions, but also applications for known technologies are of high interest here.


Questions/Challenges/Solutions are:

  • Augmented Reality in the 3P workshop for simulating processes (focus: ergonomics)

  • Smartphone "SIRI" for questions in production/logistics, home office (video conference via Skype)

  • Google Glass, Mobile (private) devices (information for employees), (not only at work)

  • Which expectations does the Y-generation (born 1977-1998) have of their workplace?

  • Which prototypes and examples from the economy exist for the workplace of the future?

  • What are the advantages, disadvantages and benefits of the individual trends?

  • What are the differences in terms of innovations compared to jobs for direct and indirect employees?

  • Smart Devices - MMI in the workplace of the future, Gamification