The digitalization of machines, plants and workstations opens up new possibilities for complete networking of the systems and the associated collection of data. They can be collected and analysed at various levels of complexity within a single location, across locations or along the entire value chain.


Questions/Challenges/Solutions are:

  • How can it be implemented?

  • In which areas is implementation profitable?

  • To which extent is it realistic to collect and process data?

  • Which experiences are there with reading many tags at the same time? Can they overlap?

  • Which optimization potentials exist with the use of sensors (temperature, humidity, vibration)?

  • Tour planning in the current series

  • Self-learning

  • External influences (traffic jams, construction sites...)

  • Big-Data: solutions for handling large amounts of data, technical solutions (e.g. cloud technologies, data management)

  • Tracking & Tracing, Control Systems

  • Dynamic and self-learning tools for planning and execution support

Apps “Mitfahrzentrale für Bauteile” statt Sonderfahrten (Apps "Carpool for components" instead of extra trips