What can the submitting party achieve?

The submitting party needs to define their objectives. The primary goal for most parties will be to establish a cooperation with Volkswagen Group Logistics. Other objectives may be, for example, developing new business relationsships through the events, building up know-how by the exchange with the experts, obtaining feedback on company developments, and many others. The objectives are individual.

Can only German companies register for the Innovation Scouting, or is a global invitation to tender?

The call for tender is worldwide.

Can only companies participate that were present at the ILS Briefing?

No, the ILS Briefing was not compulsory. All information is available online and accessible to anyone interested.

Can developments be submitted, even if there is an ongoing cooperation with Volkswagen?

Yes, this is a good opportunity to present innovations directly to the Group‘s management. All innovations with the potential to increase efficiency at Volkswagen will be reviewed and evaluated.

Will the factory tours in week 8/2019 interfer with the LOGIMAT?

The LOGIMAT will be taken into account. If possible, overlapping is avoided.

How are intellectual property rights handled?

Information on innovations submitted within the scouting will only made available to Volkswagen Group Logistics. To minimize the administrative effort and hurdles for participants, there are no legal preventive measures in place. The innovations are to be described in certain detail when submitted, to have the chance to be considered.

What target companies is VW looking for? How is the knowledge discrepancy of the different companies dealt with?

Companies that are new to the industry need a lot of information in order to be able to operate at the same level as companies who know the industry well. All information necessary for participation is provided by IPM AG and Volkswagen Group Logistics experts. Thus, every company can submit innovations and enter into dialogue with Group Logistics. The target companies are accordingly broad.

Are there success stories to be told?

Winning the tender is the goal for companies to participate in the innovation scouting. The winning company will directly communicate and cooperate with the Volkswagen Group Logistics. Three success stories: In the Bratislava VW plant, an exoskeleton was implemented which has been a result of the innovation scouting. More than 10000 data glasses were applied at the VW Group. A tracking solution for intralogistics is also currently being successfully installed.

How are the submissions evaluated? How close must the innovation be related to VW's production?

Innovations with a high degree of maturity that can be quickly implemented into Volkswagen production have advantages. Ideas or concepts have also high relevance and achieved good success in the past.

You missed the briefing? No problem. You can have a look at the videos of Mr. Appel’s and Mr. Wäldchen’s presentations.