Employees of the logistics of the future will be supported more and more by automation systems, robots and cooperating robots. New solutions are appearing on the market, some of them are already usable, some of them are still in prototype status. Suppliers who have developed new solutions and can already integrate them into the processes at acceptable costs are sought for specific applications.


Questions/Challenges/Solutions are:

  • Autonomous Routes

  • Durchgängige Kennzeichnung über den gesamten Prozess RFID Transponder die Temperatur und Wasserbeständig sind und von Karobau bis Outbound überstehen und oder immer wieder neu beschrieben werden können

  • Autonomous truck driving (applications and techniques)

  • Transparency of potential technology concepts for future employee support in a packaging company

  • Possibilities of human-robot cooperation in CKD packaging plants

  • Service and Transport Systems (STS)

  • Automatic container change from/to route train

  • Goods-to-man system

  • Solutions of Human Robot Cooperation, handling of small load carriers (counterweight pendulum), handling of rims

  • Gripping mechanisms with high speeds

  • Picking processes: Robot for order picking "Reach into the box"

  • Automated truck unloading directly onto e.g. route train without additional infrastructure