Most of the companies in the added value chain use independent system software. Some of these software products are not able to communicate with each other and make it difficult to control the supply chain completely. To ensure sustainable traceability, monitoring of the supply chain and to leverage further optimization potential, integrated communication solutions are being sought here.


Questions/Challenges/Solutions are:

  • Tools for truck utilization/freight cost optimization

  • Digitisation of service provider and freight carrier connections (truck, train/car, ship) to the system of the client and between the service providers of a transport chain as an alternative or addition to real-time tracking of vehicles/loading units

  • Usage of "Car2Car communication" technology in vehicle tracking: Real-time tracking of vehicles or loading units, transmission of vehicle status information (vehicle indicates necessary check-ups and maintenance measures) and Car2Infrastructure communication

  • Which process optimization potentials exist?

  • Methods and tools to improve supply loyalty and reduce inventory, transport and administration costs between process partners (Volkswagen, forwarders, suppliers) for the initial training of processes or for sustainable training in the event of changes and process weaknesses

  • An integrated system solution for the customer order process